Due Intelligence was born from the experience of Quokky, Italian company creator of the homonymous App for documents’ organization and┬ácategorization.
Quokky is a tool that can recognize document typology and extract important informations, thanks to machine learning technology.
The company specializes in this field especially following the partnership with Servizi CGN group. Third office for tax assistance and information in Italy that manage 1,5 millions of income tax return dossiers, the group developed together with Quokky a business platform not only for document sharing, but also for automatic data processing.
The service offered by Quokky has greatly expedited and simplified procedures for professionals associated to Servizi CGN, thanks to automatic recognition of received documents.
The need for many enterprises to automate their everyday business operations led to the birth od Due Intelligence, a cloud service focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning application to improve the performance of business processes.
Due Intelligence offers also expert advice service, analyzing case-by-case the needs of enterprises that want to approach Machine Learning services to automate their business.